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AlphaAquilae Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, same, it's hard enough for me to just romance someone other than Anders in the first place, not to mention that not flirting with others is practically impossible. I mean, there is nothing better than seeing Fenris smile like a dork after throwing a flirty comment at him.
I know right, but the Chantry raised him that way. I'm guessing the Chantry might be as heteronormative as our Church, so it wouldn't surprise me if Seb had to get his mind straight (hehe) about his preferences.
Well, he IS a DLC character, so it's nothing weird that his absence doesn't affect the overall scheme that much/at all. I have mixed feelings about him, I know he's trying to the right thing and judges situations how the Chantry taught him to, but... He did threaten to kill Anders. 
... Alright that may not be a very good reason to judge Seb, any person who would hear about the Kirkwall incident would probably sentence Anders to death. BUT that doesn't mean I agree with Sebastian's actions. I mean, in DA3, he actually marches on Kirkwall and you have the choice to help or stop him.

Either way, I'm glad the Fade segment wasn't too long this time. My default party is also Isabela, Anders and Fenris, though I sometimes replace Isabela with Aveline for especially hard missions. I just saved beforehand and tried out a few different parties. Varric and Fenris hit me hard, but yes, that genuine apology afterwards really makes up for it!

That's true. I don't know what Bioware was thinking when they were developing that system. You shouldn't have to kiss ass just to get through the game with all companions.

Yeah, Varric just seemed really OOC when it came to talking about the Kirkwall Crew. That's what actually bothers me most about Inquisition: the writing. There are some things that were completely disregarded just because it was convenient for the plot. 

Wait, which convo do you mean right now :0 ?

Yeah, it's too bad. But it's Zevran. What do you expect, honestly?
Personally I think Alistair was the best romance option, for female Wardens anyway. I should also get around to try and romance Leliana. I'm sure there would be some nice dialogue with her in Inquisition, since there's a lot of talk about the Warden. But it would probably be a bit unrealistic for Leliana to be unable to track her LI down.
I'm actually surprised to hear how many people went out of their way to install a mod that allows m!Wardens to romance Alistair!
Welp, still trying to pull it through with Isabela, but at some point, I always drift off back to Anders :^)
Eh, if I'm bothered by a companion that is forced to join, I just don't take them with me on missions and just limit contact with them. Merrill may not have been very important in DA2, but she could have been SO relevant in Inquisition... I'm not sure if you know this, so I'm just not going to write any spoilers, but Bioware thought it was a fantastic idea to use a human as your contact when you needed someone with vast knowledge of elven culture. ELVEN CULTURE. Merrill would have been perfect for that.

The game itself is actually pretty enjoyable, mission-wise. There are some really kickass quests (In Your Heart Shall Burn and Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts being my faves) and romancing characters is VERY enjoyable.
That's true, I wish there were more bisexual and maybe asexual characters (I can dream :') ), but if someone's sexuality has ties to their backstory, I just adapt.

That's actually true. Dorian was like this "hey look we have a gay character we're so progressive (: !!" kind of character. One of his main traits was his sexuality, after all. But I still like him a lot.
Well technically Alistair can be replaced by Loghain and if I remember correctly, Morrigan can actually be killed in the Witch Hunt DLC. But it's true, the writers just don't seem 100% comfortable with putting a non-straight character into the spotlight.
Yeah, Bioware seems to have a thing for Leliana and Cullen, seeing how they appeared in all three games. I just hope that Hawke, Anders, Fenris and Aveline make an actual appearance in DA4. I just really care about Hawke and Anders ok.

((Dw, it's alright))
Andihaus Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can't stop myself from flirting with Anders, so Sebs romance was never going to happen lol. I do find it funny that Seb was "wild" and promiscious in his youth with no preference for gender, and suddenly when he's pious hes totally straight : ) He's not very important in the overall scheme of things. After a while his recruitment quest in the second Act bugged and i could no longer have him join my party. But...nothing really changed. I hope he wasn't in the chantry when anders blew it up, i liked an extent.
I didn't like that you had to choose between pissing him off or killing anders, why would you give an unimportant tacked on character such significance? If you like Anders it's really easy for you to just NOT recruit Seb at all anyway.

I think Bioware learned from the first Fade monstrosity, or were...just really lazy about this one. I liked it too, but i RARELY ever change my party members, It's always, Isabela, Fenris, and Anders (super fun) so it got kinda boring with all the same dialogue >.>. I like that they all betray you (except anders and aveline i think), and then they apologize, it's beautiful.

Ugh part of the reason why i can't play the first game is because the rivalry/friendship was just obviously superior to Origins. DA2 made me more confident when choosing aggressive dialogue choices cause they don't really punish you for it in the traditional way. 

It's a good thing i don't like varric, i can just ignore him when he has terrible opinions!
AAAAAAgh that convo was the worst thing i've ever heard, I had to choose non-aggressive dialogue choices for it and it was stiiiilll terrible. I couldn't go back and start earning friendship but i just pretende that my Hawke was like "fuck it" and started supporting him. 

I messed up Zev's romance a bit, my warden didn't have sex with him so you basically miss all of his dialogue, and when you DO he talks like you haven't been together the entire game...
I ALMOST romanced morrigan but then i saw the Male romance mod for Alistair and veered left. She's always good friends with the rest of my wardens though, i feel bad.

I never romanced isabela to the end either, i could never decide on my main Hawke between her and Fenris so...suffering!
Yeaaaaaaaaaah, i was kinda biased against merrill from the beginning, because i don't like companions that you are FORCED to recruit.
Especially since imho she wasn't significant to the plot in anyway. She had some really nice banters with Anders though.

I think i'm going to wait until 4 is announced/released before i bother with DA3. I'm not just interested at all atm. 
I think they did themselves a disservice when they gender locked romances again. It's a video game...If i want to romance these pixels i should be able to.
Though i don't mind that Sera and Dorian are gay. 

But Bioware has a really bad habit of making the straight characters the most prominent/important. 
Morrigan and Alistair, the straights that can't die. getting 500 apperances and even their own dlc
DA3 pushing Cullen, and Solas  (him being straight makes no sense to me, but considering his importance i know why he is), and Cass.

I want to see how relevant Sera and Dorian are in the next game lol.
the exception is Leliana but...we aren't going to talk about Biowares love boner for her.

(I thought i sent them a LONG TIME AGO, I'm sorry)
AlphaAquilae Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sebastian aka the heterosexual whom you'll regret paying for. I liked him at first, apart from his overly-preachy persona, but once I found out you can only romance him by cutting (romantic) ties with everyone else, I got very disappointed. And then, at the end of the game, he had the fucking audacity to ask Hawke to kill Anders. I sent him back to Starkhaven without a second thought.
I like Bethany a bit more, actually! Carver and Hawke have that special sibling bond, but I just liked Bethany as a person more than Carver ;D

Yes, the Deep Roads were actually very pretty, especially the blue Lyrium veins. The Fade segment wasn't even bad, I actually enjoyed replaying it and seeing different companions react to the demons. Although, I have to admit, it hurt to see what convinced them to leave Hawke's side.

Of course, because Hawke hasn't gone through enough suffering already! Let's just throw them into the Fade too while we're at it (:
Now the only thing that's missing is Hawke loosing their LI in Dragon Age 4.

Unfortunately, there is no more rivalry in Inquisition. Your companions start to talk differently (different tone, usually more aggressive), but it doesn't change much when you romance them, I think. (Honestly I didn't try it out yet because you can lose companions who dislike you too much)
The rivalry/friendship system was the absolute best! I love how Bioware implemented the idea that there is more than one kind of friendship, and it definitely enabled you to play a more consistent character, as you didn't have to preach false opinions just to have your companions stay with you. I wish that would come back :/

It's kind of a long story. Varric blames Anders for the Mage/Templar war (which is true), even though they had it coming either way and Anders just quickened the process. They were best friends in DA2, and now it seems Anders is dead to Varric. I can understand that such an action must have hit Varric where it hurts, but it's weird that he doesn't understand that Justice had a huge part in this, too. Idk I just wish Varric would be a little more understanding. He knows it's not Anders' thing to murder innocent people for no reason.

I tried to rivalmance Anders, but I couldn't do it. I just couldn't stand to see him lose himself to Justice, especially when you had the chance to talk him out of destroying the Chantry. All I want in DA is for him to be happy and safe for more than .3 seconds. I mean, if you consider everything that happened to him, Bioware really doesn't seem to want to give him a break. We don't even know his real name.

Zevran is really great, it was nice romancing him. I wish Morrigan was more open, but alas, I wasn't meant to romance her. I generally only play female characters in DA, so I might be missing out on some romance options, but what can you do.

Yeah, I romanced Isabela once, too, but not until the end. I once acidentally romanced Merrill o.o I swear, she came to my house and you use one wrong dialogue option and BAM. Romanced. I was dumbfounded to say the least.

Dorian is amazing! He's very charming and I love his sense of humor. But honestly, the options on who to romance aren't as great as in the previous two games :c
Andihaus Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
With the exception of the caves, I have to say I was kinda irritated that you couldn't romance Sebastian with a male Hawke. And that your surviving sibling depends on your class. I played mage 99% of the time so I got used to Carver, when went warrior/rogue i was disappointed that i couldn't have him. Not that i disliked Bethany but Hawke and Carver have that sibling relationship that I like. He's such an asshole. I really would have liked to see how he acted with a fellow warrior Hawke. But...I can dream.

Atleast the Deep Roads in DA2 were more aesthetically pleasing than in Origins. And it took less time to complete, Same for The Fade. Both of them were just long an tedious, especially after numerous play throughs. Da2's was short enough for me that I didn't mind running through them so much. 

If they released a DLC like Trespasser for DA2 back in the day, i would have bought it. The ending is so vague, I would need a conclusion. But i guess they didn't because they had such lovely plans for Hawke in Inquisition :))))) 

Does the game stilL have the Rivalry/etc from DA2? It was a bit odd but it worked out pretty well imho. I felt like i couldn't have negative reactions to companions in Origins cause if the're approval gets to low they'll leave :I. In DA2 I love doing rivalry romances and friendships and then the opposites. So many options *.*

...What did he say about Anders, i'm prepared to be offended. 
(Confession: I don't actually like Varric at all *whistles*)

Mages > healing; rogues > lockpicking; warrior > uh...something. 
You get Alistair right at the beginning so there's really no useful reason to even be a warrior imho (I'm a biased mage though u.u)
I made a warrior in DA2 only because i wanted to try out stuff i never did all on one character lol.
Warrior Tank, one handed sword+shield, default Hawke family presets, Aggressive tone, Rivalmance Anders. And it turned out really fun! Except for rivalmancing Anders because it's 300% more tragic, and i felt terrible afterwards.

I have a lot of Hawkes and slightly less than a lot of wardens.
I romanced Zevran in countless playthroughs, My tiny kind of useless rogue <3
I romanced Alistair once, but I used a mod to allow it for males so it wasn't really "official" lol

I romanced Anders and Fenris most often, and Isabela a few times. 
I totally failed at romancing Sebastian tho...I always flirt with Anders (aaaalwas) and apparently doing that locks his romance for you permanently. Ooops.

I don't have Inquisition but...I already know Dorian will be the only person i ever romance.He's so pretty lol.
AlphaAquilae Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, whenever I mention DA2 to people who have also played it they feel the need to critizise the most ridiculous things. "There weren't enough romancable characters!!", "The voice acting is bad!!", "The crafting system is shitty!"
Meanwhile, my only problem with DA2 are the Deep Roads. But I never liked the Deep Roads. I don't know how anyone can like the Deep Roads. But it's not because of bad level design or anything. They're just a pain in the ass, imo.

Yeah, I can see why. I was actually sure that the end of Inquisition was the final ending, like in DA2. So in my case, I just got extremely excited for it because I didn't know better. I will probably buy it once the price has gone down a bit though. But I wonder if that was just EA's call on sucking more money out of the fanbase or if Bioware is actually that much of a scumbag.

My biggest issues are with the companions, story and some general gameplay things. The companions, on their own, are very interesting and well-developed, but altogether they don't feel like a family. There are a few interactions between the companions, but nearly not as much as in DA2. The story was a bit dry at times. Like, there were some points where it left me with tears in my eyes, but ultimately, the last boss didn't do it for me. Maybe the DLC will fix that.
And generally, I was extremely bothered by the fact that you couldn't check on your companion's approval. Also, you're unable to spend your attribute points how you want to. 
But I have to applaud the crafting system. It's really fun and you can build yourself some extremely nice armor.
There weren't any lore mistakes as far as I know. The only thing that put me off was how Varric talkee about Anders in Inquisition :<

I couldn't agree more! I couldn't really get myself to play a warrior because the rogue and mage are a lot more exciting. I might try to give it a go someday, though. I was actually really irritated in my first mage playthrough in Origins by the fact that I needed to have a rogue in my team most of the time. I usually had Alistair, Morrigan and my Mabari in my team, so having to include a rogue was something new for me.

Hehe, glad you asked! In my first playthrough of each game it was Alistair, Anders and Cullen. Secondly, Alistair again because he's just such a goof, Isabela and Josephine.
Thirdly: Zevran, Fenris and I actually wanted to romance Cassandra, but she's straight :c
What about you?
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